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Project Updates

For those of you who have expressed an interest in the status of the project, here is our current proposed schedule:
16 May 2001 - Added a search engine to the site. This feature works now.
18 May 2001 - Provided links to all tutorials under consideration. You can access and use these from the tutorial list.
21 May 2001 to ? - Reformat tutorials as authors respond with permission of use. (This timeline will depend on how quickly the authors respond.)
31 May 2001 - Several authors have responded with permission. The tutorials are marked with In Progress.
26 Jun 2001 - ListBot is going commercial :-( We have switched the mailing list to Topica.com. If you were already signed up on the mailing list, you do NOT need to sign up again. You will be switched automatically.
11 Sept 2001 - Due to the terrible tragedy of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, this page has turned black in memorial. Those who lost loved ones have our sympathy and prayers.
20 Jan 2002 - This project is still running! We got many messages from people willing to contribute. There were some changes within administration team.
24 Feb 2002 - The feedback page is now working again!

About the Project

Welcome to the POV-Ray Book Project, a collection of tutorials for the Persistence of Vision raytracer.

The goals of this project are

To collect raytracing tutorials from all over the Web into a central location.
To provide a resource for beginner and experienced raytracers to share information.
To use the collected information to publish a basic book on POV-Ray 3.x.
To promote and publicize POV-Ray as a great raytracing program.

Do you have a tutorial that you would like to contribute to the Book Project? Please visit our tutorials page for a list of topics we already have and those we still need. The topics are a work in progress, so if you have a tutorial that does not appear in the topics list, we would love to see it.

What's On This Site?

The tutorials on these pages represent the combined efforts of many volunteers, beginners and experts alike. Please visit the documentation license page for an explanation on how to use this information legally.

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The list of tutorials is quite large, and getting bigger every day. You can browse the Tutorials by clicking on the link above, or search the tutorials for a specific topic using the search box below:

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Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you can't find your answer, you are welcome to e-mail us. Just curious about who's crazy enough to run this project? Get the lowdown on the POV-Ray Book Project administration team here.

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This POV-Ray New Ring site is owned by the POV-Ray Book Project.

Special thanks to the members of the project admin team, who have already risen above and beyond the call of creative obsession, and Fabian Mosen, who shared his expertise gained while creating a similar project in French.